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Pars Faragam Celebrates its 16th Anniversary

28 October, 2017 16:56

The thirteenth of October 2017 is a very special day for Pars Faragam Company which celebrates its 16th anniversary.

PFC greets another anniversary with a feeling of achievement and satisfaction of remaining true to its own objectives such as sustainable development, economic growth and poverty eradication. A long milestone with many ups and downs, which has passed through year another year, together, supportive, encouraging and enduring.

PFC is proud of its own active team full of creativity, professional drive, innovative ideas and determination those have put their best effort to the growth and development of the Company, with an eye on the projects and another on the future.

As the world today is much more integrated and interconnected, PFC is much more focused on initiation the future of the company and hope to build that with its own members, clients and partners. A future relied on the experience of all these past years and combined with up-to-date operational methodologies.


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