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Foroozan F 18; Beacon of Hope & Symbol of Triumph

16 June, 2019 10:57

On 10th June 2019, installation of F18 Platform on the Jacket (which weighs some 1060 Tons and was separately installed) was performed successfully, and as such, Pars Faragam is proud to announce the almost completion of F18 Foroozan Wellhead Project, located in Foroozan Field which is a common oil field between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Persian Gulf.  Welding, touch-up painting is now on going and scheduled to be completed by June 19th, 2019. Laying of the Subsea Cables (Power & Fiber Optics cables) between FX and F18 Platforms is scheduled for first two weeks of July.



This project has been commenced on April, 2012, when the fabrication of a 1,100 tons Jacket and 1,000 tons unmanned wellhead platform for production of 12,000 b/d crude oil was started in Qeshm Island.

This Project can be named as a unique project in the sense that; the whole process of Design (Basic & Detailed), Procurement Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation was fully performed by knowledgeable and experienced Iranian (i.e. IGC/PFC) engineers, managers and personnel. Needless to add that, this Project could have not been  completed without the hard work of those devoted employees who had to meet the tight schedules and overcome the operational constraints.

This achievement which was performed in these difficult times of hardship and deprivation won’t be forgotten in the history of Iranian offshore oil industry. This Project remains as Beacon of Hope and Symbol of Triumph to inspire those young engineers and workers who has vigilantly stepped in this path, and promise them future success and achievements in this field for our beloved Country.













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