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Pars Faragam Registered as “Knowledge Based Company”

04 August, 2019 10:10


In the Nation’s path from traditional business activities towards knowledge-based performances, I.R. I. Government has set up a uniform system of qualifying the appropriate firms to be registered as “Knowledge Based Company”. Enjoying widespread high tech as well as knowledge based activities in Pars Faragam, the Company applied to Science & Technology Department of I.R. Presidency in May 2019. Upon extensive evaluation and qualification by the said Department, finally the Company qualified as a “knowledge based Company” and registered in the relevant I. R. Presidency website.

Pars Faragam is therefore permitted to enjoy special treatments, facilitations and Governmental grants which includes science lab, appropriate lot at the techno park, low rate bank loan and other supports to serve the nation better than before.

Management wish to thank the team of expert who were involved in the above qualifying process with special thanks and congratulates to all staff of such achievement.




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